Let's Reward Our Brain

Lets take a break from our professional and social responsibilities and look for the real inner happiness. Let's ask a question are we happy? Here 'happy' does not mean the satisfaction we attained from our daily duties. Most people will agree with me that we are saturated with our tasks and by achieving those tasks we feel satisfied but not happy. So, the biggest question is how to get happiness? Many motivational speakers have various thoughts to feel and gain happiness in our lives. Are we able to follow those criterions? Do we really sense the happiness after following those criterion? If not, is it because of not following the criterion rightly? It needs a critical thinking and set of reasoning to be defined why are we not able to ind the happiness? Again, it is not related to the state of the satisfaction which can make you happy. For instance, it is clear that biggest entrepreneurs/businessman, though successful, as a measure of their satisfied life, yet not happy. Can we be happy without 'Nirvana'? Is it really necessary to leave the world like a monk to attain happiness?

What we understand that there cannot be universal rules to taste happiness. For me, one has to find its own way of sensing the happiness. Moreover, one should be ready to accept the fact that happiness can not stay forever. It is momentary and appears as a transient phase. Thus, one should find a way to sense the momentary happiness phase/s daily. This makes sense biologically too as it is important to have a flow of happy hormone/s as reward to our neurological activities.

Let us see how we find our ways.


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